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For Companies in the Tourism sector, survival in an extremely competitive market depends on cost-effectiveness and exceptional service. The biggest challenge is, and remains, to appeal to customers and win their loyalty.
Golden Vacation has become the social destination for tourist services in town.
Golden Vacation was founded in Lebanon in 2010 by Mr. Abbas Hussein Chreif.
We are officially registered in the Commercial Register under the Register Number 2019686, Dated 20/02/2010.
We has two branches: Erbil and Boulevard Kamil Chamoun (Hazmiyeh - Beirut), Centre Nohra, 2nd Floor.
We aim to advertise and spread our services in trusty, well known places.
We are eager to try new things and to repeat well-proven successes.
We love what we do and love sharing our knowledge capital with like-minded thinkers, doers and innovators.
Our Company has many travel consultants. It deals with many tour agencies that manage more than 4000 Hotels & Resorts in more than 100 countries all over the world.
Our clients can benefit from our offers either by traveling 7 days per year to more then 106 country all over the world or by enjoying their holidays in Lebanon.
Enjoy Accommodation, breakfast and activities in more than 4,000 hotels and resorts without any additional fees. Discounts vary from 10% to 30% on Tickets.
Reservations could be managed through three different Airlines: MEA, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines.
In addition to 90% discounts to many restaurants all around Lebanon.
At G.V we share your concern for a healthy environment and we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously.
Smoke Free Environment:
G.V has banned smoking inside its offices and rules of non-smoking in public places are totally obeyed by its employees.
Using more energy efficient lighting in new and existing offices in order to reduce energy consumption.
Installation of timer delays to AC installation thus reducing power consumption.
Improving insulation of our new offices.
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